Munitions (Lee James)

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In 1915 it was decided to construct a munitions magazine store in Slimbridge of high explosives and propellants (gunpowder and cordite) to supply the No 5 shell-filling factory at Quedgeley. This was officially known as His Majesty’s Magazine No 23.

The store was located west of the moors and was served by a railway line which ran from sidings on the main line at Gossington, to the Black Shed at Shepherd’s Patch. The store was eventually dismantled between 1921 and 1924 with 9,000 tons of propellant having to be destroyed on the site.

This presentation is packed with photos and recovered artefacts of the site and a video drone fly-over from the main branch line, following the course of the old railway line to the Black Shed.

This is a re - run of the Munitions talk held last year.

A guided walk of what remains of the Munitions Line today will be held on Saturday 4th - This will start from Gossington Bridge and finish at the Tudor Arms. The walk will be open to SLHS Members only.

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