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How often do we say ‘I wish my ancestors had left some record of their lives’? What were they thinking and what was it like back then?

Marian Barton’s reminiscences, which we sent many of you a couple of weeks ago, was an example of just how valuable and interesting those stories are when someone makes the effort at the time.

We would like to invite you, or even challenge you, to write about your life now in this unusual and hopefully unique time. We don’t need volumes; we don’t care about grammar and spelling - we have a skilled editing team to help with that. What we want is a snapshot of life in the parish right now. If you are a member of any sort of group, club or society, tell us about life just before the outbreak and life now. What changes have had to be made, what are you doing to keep busy, what do you think the future holds for you? Think, Gardening Club, Showgroup, WI, Legion, PCC, Village Hall, Parish Council, Slimbridge Singers, The Patch, Black Shed, WWT, etc, etc and, of course, the local history society - we will do that one!

The same applies if it is simply about you and your family and friends, how has it affected you and yours? Are you clubbing together to solve problems and help each other? Are you helping the vulnerable members of our community or indeed, are you one of those vulnerable members?

We would like the kids and grandkids to join in too. What is it like leaving school earlier than you expected? How are you staying educated and entertained? What is good on social media and TV, and what is rubbish. If you don’t feel like writing a longer entry, why not keep a short diary of what you are doing each day while we’re on lockdown.

We are proposing to do this now because we all know that if we leave it until afterwards it won’t happen. Your input can be as long or as short as you want although our editors would probably not relish War and Peace even if we are short of things to do!

We will consolidate your edited responses into a simple ‘Slimbridge - The Coronavirus Chronicles’ document to be stored in the history society records and available to everyone, member or not. Please include your name, and your age too, if you are a child. Send it to

Pictures, with names and places, are also very welcome.

Spare us a couple of minutes and be a historian - you know it makes sense!

Den Bannister Chairman, Slimbridge Local History Society

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