Nicola Nash (JCCC)

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The Ministry of Defence’s Commemorations Team is responsible for undertaking work to identify and bury the remains of recently discovered British service personnel killed in historic campaigns from WW1 onwards. Nicola explains the work of the JCCC, supported with case evidence and recovered artefacts, to illustrate the attempts to trace surviving relatives and arranging re-dedications.

This painstaking work can begin with a simple discovery of a shred of Army clothing that last saw the light of day when death stalked the battlefield. Uniform buttons and shoulder flashes that have survived the entombment of time give the first glimpse of which regiments these young soles once belonged to … but who were these soldiers? The work of the JCCC begins.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the work that the JCCC carry out, and the staggering numbers of service personnel who are still out there, but not forgotten. To see these artefacts that have been frozen in time really does bring a lump to your throat!

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