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We conceived this as a single day event but the level of interest is so high the committee voted to extend it to both the 23rd and 24th.

We endeavour to try to bring you relevant local history information and that has been frustrated by our inability to meet face-to-face for so long. However, going on in the background has been the most ambitious and revealing archaeological project ever undertaken in the parish. The results have been astonishing.

Until now Slimbridge was considered to have been a staging post on the Roman road between present day Gloucester and Bristol. We now know that there was a lot more to the story and Slimbridge was an important settlement between the road and the River Severn. People have settled here since prehistoric times. We have evidence of an Iron/Bronze Age settlement and those people were joined by the Romans after the invasion. But, was there trading here before the Romans? Almost certainly.

Those of you who have joined the digs or have helped clean the recovered pottery will know just how intriguing a puzzle we have discovered. Do we have all the answers? No. However, you can learn more and offer your opinion on 20 October in the village hall, 7.30pm, when Tony Roberts and Lee James will spell out the story and show you pictures of the important finds.

We know this will prompt your interest and leave you asking to see and hold the artefacts. That would simply not work in the limited time after the talk. We would be there way after midnight!

We thought the answer would be to have an open day the following weekend. That grew into two days and then grew again to cover other aspects of the history of the parish. A true Heritage Weekend. Aside from the archaeology itself we thought you would like to see the equipment and the technology we have employed to make the discoveries. We are having a professional video compiled from film shot over the two digs by Nick Turner which is now being produced by Lucy fresh back from producing the BBC footage at the Chelsea Flower Show.

In addition, we will have a display of old maps back to 1759; a review of the WWI and WWII research in front of the WWI Roll of Honour board we commissioned; the results so far from the graveyard survey with some dark and intriguing stories; a mystery objects stand where you can have a go at identifying some of the stranger things we have found; and also a Civil War stand where you can take a primer on the war from Alan prior to our talk next year from Ron Hutton in Berkeley Castle. We hope Nick will be able to bring along some of his drones for at least part of the time and the Rural Crime Unit and Berkeley Castle will also be in attendance. The wire soldier and an important piece of Roman stone work will be on display outside the village hall for a few days before the meetings just to remind you.

We will be in the village hall from 10am to 4pm both days and refreshments will be available.

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