Was there a medieval maze in Slimbridge?

Beside Rectory Farm is a neglected sign pointing to “Troytown” in the direction of Longaston Lane.

Troytown is a name for a medieval maze (Labyrinth) made with turf mounds. The sign points down Longaston Lane, there is a Property on the Lane called “Troytown Cottage” and a Dowsing Exercise located something thought to be the site of the Labyrinth just to the North East of that property. Of the eight surviving turf mazes in England three have “Troy” names; this is thought to be a reference to the labyrinthine defences of the City of Troy.

it is not clear why a Labyrinth would have been constructed here, although it would have been a pleasant horse ride from Berkeley Castle. Opinions about the value of Dowsing vary, however the story has been included for completeness. Other evidence may emerge in the future. The location is Easting 374187, Northing 204245

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