Answer to SLHS Christmas Quiz Q5 "What is the weight of the largest bell in St John's Church Tower?"

12 cwt 3 qtr 0 lbs (648 kg).

The Tenor bell was originally cast in 1699 and recast in 1911.

There are 14 pounds (lbs) in a stone and 8 stones in a hundredweight (cwt). A quarter (qtr) is 2 stone.

Imperial measures stopped being legal for use in UK trade under the Weights and Measures Act 1985.

There are 20 cwt in a ton; 14 8 20 = 2,240 lbs in a ton.

lbs and tons are still in use in the USA and Canada, but 2,240 lbs is too complicated for our colonial cousins, so they use a “short ton” of 2,000 lbs. This is 20 “short hundredweight” of 100 lbs.

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