Archaeological project

Monday sees the start of what will be a long project to establish whether there were earlier settlements around the parish. We will be working with Tony Roberts, who many of you heard speak at our last meeting, to geophysically scan likely areas. This is with kind permission from Dave Merrett initially, and hopefully with cooperation of other landowners and tenants in the future. Work will only take place when the land is in suitable condition and between crop rotations.

You can see Tony’s methods at and we will also be working with Slimbridge Dowsers to cover all the bases. We will keep you informed of progress and, when the time is right, hope to involve the whole community. The overriding emphasis will be to retain anything found, not to see it disappear for ever or be sold on ebay. We ask your cooperation to not come to the working sites without permission as we will be working on active farmland. This is an exciting time for the whole parish with an unparalleled opportunity to discover and retain our heritage. Wish us luck!

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