Beat the queue and fast track your membership

We are gearing up for a rush of membership applications prior to the first meeting at Slimbridge Village Hall at 7.30pm on 21 February, AGM & Vikings in the South West, and to help us, and you, please bring with you a completed membership application form. You will find a download on the Membership page of this web site.

Please complete the form clearly in your own handwriting being careful to print the email address in particular, attach a £10 note or cheque and skip the queue going straight to Laura’s desk.

With nearly 90 members last year we want to make your arrival for the first meeting as slick as possible and this will help enormously.

Remember, guest are only £4 if you don’t want membership straight away.

Final thing, remember to complete the four tick boxes at the bottom of the form. Forthcoming legislation means we can’t contact you if you don’t give us permission.

✓ for okay X for not okay



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Annual Membership Only £10

Annual membership will include online access to all the Society’s records for the calendar year, free entry to all presentation meetings and refreshments afterwards.

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