SLHS Christmas Quiz 2017

Answers will be posted here, one per day, starting on Christmas Day and ending on Twelfth Night Sadly no prizes, just for your personal enjoyment and satisfaction

  1. In what month was the 1917 October Revolution?
  2. On the East face of St John’s Church are (two) busts of Queen Elizabeth I and Bishop Oglethorpe. Why?
  3. How many schools have there been in Slimbridge Parish?
  4. In which year did Slimbridge Council School open?
  5. What is the weight of the largest bell in St John’s Church Tower?
  6. How many pubs were there on what is now the A38?
  7. What is the name of the door in the North wall of St John’s Church?
  8. During WW1 the Vicar of Slimbridge, Reverend James Carter, lost his son Bernard. Where did he die?
  9. During the siege of Gloucester (1643) who was inside and who outside the City Walls?
  10. How was Headmaster Mr. Moss commemorated in 1899?
  11. In 1890 Workman and Sons won first and second prizes in a Royal Agricultural Society of England competition in Plymouth. What was under test?
  12. How much did Slimbridge Parish Council pay for the BT Phone Box (now used as a book exchange) on Cambridge Green?
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