Slimbridge Parish Historical Assets

A supporting reference to the Slimbridge Neighbourhood Plan is a listing of Heritage Assets. There are 18 items with brief descriptions:

  1. Cambridge House.
  2. Bell House Cambridge.
  3. Cambridge Milestone.
  4. Cambridge Flood Depth Post.
  5. Slimbridge Primary School.
  6. Wisloe Homes for Heroes.
  7. The “Nest” on Slimbridge Roundabout.
  8. Gossington Hall Stew Pond.
  9. Gossington Baptist Chapel.
  10. Gossington Victorian Postbox.
  11. Samuel Hadley Memorial.
  12. James and May Harding Grave.
  13. Lamp post in Slimbridge Churchyard.
  14. Troy Town Signpost.
  15. Troy Town Labyrinth.
  16. Sharpness Canal.
  17. Rails from Munitions Dump.
  18. Medieval ridge and furrow field markings

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